Live Show Review

This photo with my bewater Triton bottle is one of my favourites, which Mark Smith took along with loads at the Defsynth show a couple weeks ago! Click to see the full gallery.
Now he has graciously (and deliciously) reviewed the show, which also featured Samuel Music, 243 Ida and Autorotation – you can check out the review here.
✍️ “I was not too surprised when I spoke to DOLLS that in the past she had been both a stand-up comedian and improvisation artist; as on stage she appears to be a very confident New Yorker. In fact she hails from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and now lives in London. There is an effervescent and glamour to the performance she gives. In terms of vocal, choreography and audience engagement DOLLS nails it, and is a sensational act to see.
I loved the fact she did a cover of one of my all-time favourites – Animotion‘s Obsession which had me singing and dancing like I was possessed – or perhaps ‘obsessed’? This was electronic pop at its absolute best.
DOLLS setlist: In Control, Eat It Up, Baby It’s You, Obsession (Animotion cover), Just Stop, Friend or Faux, Now Now, Breakfast Club, See Through” ✍️
😍 THANK YOU, MARK, and you’re making me want to record the cover to send it to you – I believe I promised you some homemade merch? 😉 😍
💖 Reminder – you guys can get my album “DOLLS + Fauxplay EAT IT UP” as well as the latest single “BABY IT’S YOU” anywhere you download or stream music – and if you want to pay what you feel (or just want to make sure the proceeds come back to moi – which is greatly appreciated) you can download those AND MORE (yes, there is a back catalogue) at 💖

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