It’s Very Zen. 

Dearest DOLLS-lings,


Presumably you think I’ve gone on some kind of artistic meltdown hiatus, traveling across Europe in a pair of too-high boots and too-short dresses, which is partially true, but mostly inaccurate. It’s very Zen that way. #Namaste #SoMotivational 

I have been working around the clock to get you your new music fixes – yes, for that, I must absorb the beauty of the universe – which may be found under a Mykonos moonset; researching whether the alps are actually made of Toblerone; or way down in the inspected (but never consumed) dregs of a Champagne glass 🥂✨

In any event, I’m back (although I was never gone – just rubbish at updating blogs these days), and I have a new single coming out – fancy it?

Lucky you, there’s a sneak peek riiiiight here:

Don’t deprive yourself a second longer and snatch it – plus, look out for the release date & video, because it’s a super cute look!  Also blogs/DJ’s/radio/podcasts – drop me an email using this handy contact form if you want a promo copy before the release; an interview (or intervention -whatever); or just to offer me diamonds and rubies.


More updates coming soon – start tuned because I’ll AKSHULLY be blogging. Oh, and here are some little bits and bobs I’ve picked up whilst being super Zen. Stalk more of them on my Instagram, Snapchat (OfficialDolls), Twitter, and Facebook accounts, at your leisure. 💋✨





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