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May 2016

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured + DOLLS interview on Methods Unsound

DOLLS in The Mail on Sunday

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ video featured on Find A Song Blog

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ featured on PASTEL FM

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ featured on RASP Radio

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘Always Waiting’ featured on Born Music Online

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ video featured on The Dutch Guy Blog

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ video featured on

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘EAT IT UP’ + DOLLS interview on Ditto Music Blog

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ Revival Synth front page 

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘Breakfast Club’ featured on In The Moog (NCC Radio)

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘EAT IT UP’ reviewed in Lock In Music

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ featured on Radio Coolio

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ featured on Synth City (Phoenix 98 FM)

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘EAT IT UP’ reviewed on Emerging Indie Bands 

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ featured on Revival Synth’s Top 5 Tracks of the week

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘Swim’ featured on RASP Radio

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ + DOLLS interview on Gaydio

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘Breakfast Club’ featured on Synth City (Phoenix 98 FM)

DOLLS + Fauxplay ‘In Control’ featured on Revival Synth

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on The Devil Has The Best Tuna

April 2016

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on I Heart Moosiq

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Control+Alt+Delight

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Teases and Dares

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Hype Machine

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Wonky Sensitive

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Club

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Unsigned&Independent

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on INDIETRONICA

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on Born Music Online

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘In Control’ featured on That New Jam

October 2015

DOLLS featured on The Dutch Guy’s Music Blog

September 2015

DOLLS featured on After Nyne magazine’s blog

DOLLS + Fauxplay’s ‘Just Stop’ featured on SYFFAL

March 2015

DOLLS + Fauxplay featured on Web Sheldon

February 2015

DOLLS featured on Revival Synth

October 2014

DOLLS featured on The Dutch Guy Music Blog

“This dark synth-pop track got a Depeche Mode-ish feel to it, and with her sulky yet sensual vocals on top of it, ‘Pedestal‘ is by far the best track she has dropped on us this year!


So, if you haven’t played (with) Dolls before, I suggest to do it now!”

The Dutch Guy

DOLLS’ ‘Pedestal’ song of the day on Aimless-Skylarking

“The video for the track, Pedestal, premiered today and leans stylistically on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, distilling the off kilter essence of the series into an oddly compelling 4-minute piece of performance art. I’m finding it hard to stop watching. Part of the musical appeal lies in my new found love of synth pop sounds, throbbing synths along with a seductive vocal delivery makes ‘Pedestal’ a winner for me..”

Aimless Skylarking

DOLLS interviewed for

“Having previously released tracks that were glossy, polished-and-produced and super-commercial, I initially rebelled against conventional pop ‘rules,’ making and releasing extremely unpolished material (which would have had my label fainting), but it was very teen angsty of me – like a rebellion for rebellion’s sake. The new music has incorporated a more polished sound into the project that remains true to the dark, retro sound I always wanted to make, but doesn’t neglect the pop music roots I’ve never stopped loving.”

Read the interview here

DOLLS’ ‘Pedestal’ premieres on SYFFAL

DOLLS daintily trots down the tightrope between intentionally and accidentally fucking awesome. The electro sweat this lady swats off of her pale skin is disgustingly addicting, lending itself to a general environment rather than a situational specificity…”

Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen

September 2014

DOLLS featured in After Nyne Magazine

“DOLLS is an utterly compelling recording artist, who we adore. Others agree – Salman Rushdie is a fan and Rimmel showcased her dark synthpop sound in the campaign for their Moisture Renew Lipstick.”

After Nyne Magazine

Read the interview here

June 2014

DOLLS featured in Electronic Sound Magazine

“In terms of her look and sound, it’s clear that Dolls is a glamour puss, so it’s unsurprising to learn that she soundtracked a cosmetics advert for Rimmel London. However, unlike one or two other female synth artists with a strong visual flair, Dolls isn’t the puppet of some electro svengali working the controls in the background and she is deeply proud of the fact that she has complete control over all aspects of her music.

The way Dolls operates seems almost like a reaction against an industry that expects new artists to happily hand off responsibility for their music to other people.”

Bill Bruce
Electronic Sound Magazine

May 2014

DOLLS featured on Deadly Music

“DOLLS is an indie synth pop act from London making “sultry, sulky fairy-tale smut.”

Have a listen to Limited Ltd., a fantastic slice of smutty, grimy synth pop.

Sounds like: Grimes having lunch with Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Madonna.”

Deadly Music

DOLLS featured on Unsigned & Independent

“What is on show is very rich in terms of the synthesised countenance. But there is an ambience and sullen feel in some places that seeks out the dark side and embraces it in the tone. That organic adds an industrial cut to the sound that is sharply felt, but it gives it a sense of conviction and lift in the bursts of play. This gives it all a nouveau disco chic derivative.”

Unsigned & Independent

DOLLS featured on DrunkenWerewolf

“London based act DOLLS brings some much needed grit to the city’s pop scene, calling to mind the underworld pout of Fan Death and Fortuna POP signees at their dirtiest.

DOLLS is the project of a nameless singer songwriter whose commercial pop career went “AWOL” sometime in mid-2009. From that failed adventure this project sprung, and unsurprisingly an aversion to mainstream conventions echoes throughout the material on offer to date. Lead song “Limited Ltd”, available to stream below, bounces its way through verse to a chorus that resemblesPawws at her most addictive. The addition of industrial-styled synth however draws closer comparison to Fan Death side-project Dandi Wind, elevating the song above standard fare into a world of its own.”



April 2014

Dolls “Limited Ltd” named one of the Top 5 in 1st Quarter on

March 2014

DOLLS ‘band of the week’ on

“Nikki – the self-described “synthpop bitchface” vixen blonde behind the UK project Dolls is definitely brave! Once signed on a big label in Canada and moving her way up to the Top 40, she decided to turn her back to commercial pop music and launch her own badass alternative project in London. But the decision turned out great! Dolls’ music got nice following, while one of her songs was featured in Rimmel’ ad alongside Georgia Jagger glossing her lips! How good is that! Moreover, her song “Limited Ltd” was just included in Swedish label Substream’s new synthpop compilation, featuring also artists like Sin Cos Tan, Hot Casandra and Boy Eats Drum Machine.”

Flowers In A Gun

DOLLS spotlight on HKGFM Radio

I remember my first encounter with DOLLS in COINS’ explosive electronic track ‘On Your Lips’. DOLLS has a darker bubblegum synthetic pop sound with industrial synths that fuse in sensual vocals. Her new song ‘Limited Ltd’ takes form in colorful PVC outfits from the 80s and takes in the influences of New Order, Bloc Party and Billy Talent. This independent artist is both sulky (in the best way possible) and sexy, we see how these airy vocals get positively lost within this world of glamour and gothic undertones.


February 2014

DOLLS Limited Ltd Reviewed on Shut Your Fucking Face & Listen

“This new DOLLS track Limited Ltd. reminds me of the movie Drive, but if the movie Drive contained a sequence where some dude was getting a makeover.”

Shut Your Fucking Face & Listen

DOLLS Secret Sulk reviewed on Awedio Hub

“What do you get when you take pretty pop and smoosh it together with whips and chains….? You get DOLLS. Cutting synth vibes drifting under killer lyrics and a significant Depeche Mode influence makes this a must have for any music lovers’ recurring playlist.”

Awedio Hub

DOLLS ‘Limited Ltd’ reviewed on Hoxton Amp

“OOOOOH! EXCITEMENT! London-based DOLLS today launch the single ’Limited Ltd  “A catchy synthpop track with bitter bubblegum vocals that archly describe a case of lackluster love”. And just in time to celebrate the increasingly popular anti-Valentine’s Day – phrase coined by Nikki herself.

Dripping in attitude the track documents “a totally deficient – utterly limited – love affair”. Deftly defying any romantic, fluffy and false notions of a standard packaged valentines date – it boldly greets St Shmalentine with an incredibly surly FUCK YOU.

Macabre, twisted and sexy…the video makes a distinctly darkened nod to Cubrick’s Clockwork Orange. Nikki, show-woman to her molten core, is utterly mesmerizing. As usual, WE LOVE.

To trailer the video – and to demonstrate her absolute disdain for the shlock fest that is V day – she’s created a range of cynical and ridiculously perverse Valentine’s day cards. Check em out. Blacken your heart. Dance.”

Hoxton Amp

DOLLS ‘Limited Ltd’ reviewed on SurroundedBy

“Yep it’s Valentines Day, a day that used to be home to the unrequited romantic and the lovelorn fool, it was fairly harmless and you could take it or leave it. Now it’s nothing more than an endless plastic parade of paper hearts amid oceans of outrageously overpriced roses and second rate consumer garbage; nothing says I love you like a two for one three course ready meal. A fact that has not eluded that most perverse princess of pop, Dolls, the sulky, sexy and slightly psychotic, siren songstress (er….did I say ‘slightly’…?) who’s talent for the surreal and off kilter is matched only by her hypnotically enticing, bitter bubblegum vocal interwoven within layers of superbly catchy synthpop and can be heard to devastating effect in her latest offering,“Limited Ltd” – available from today on iTunes.

Dolls has come far from her Canadian days where she cut her teeth, making multiple pop hits for Warner, recently she has been soundtracking Rimmel London and over the past couple of years has racked up a fair few fans and we are certainly happy she has now made London her home and we welcome her with open, self-harm scarred arms.

So embrace cynical realism and make it the soundtrack of this Valentines Day, give your heart to Dolls, or better still let her rip it out of you and tear it up.”


DOLLS ‘Limited LTD’ reviewed on BoxSpeaker Music Blog

“At times resembling a Rorschach test, the minimalist style leads viewers and listeners completely to their own interpretations – imagining and building even more to the song itself.

Much like the video, “LTD LTD” begins with a minimalist beat and DOLLS’ Kylie Minogue-style electropop vocals then builds from there to a sultry but playful track.

The video perfectly captures the mystery and suspense of romance – with the dark setting and shadow-like visuals – depicting the confusing but exhilarating emotions of love.

Sidenote: If you’ve got someone who makes your heart beat like “LTD LTD,” send that person one of DOLLS’s Valentine’s Day cards.”

BoxSpeaker Music Blog

DOLLS feature on The Fashion Ache

“Having your music showcased on a national advertising campaign for one MASSIVE brand is pretty much a dream for any artist – especially when the likes of Georgia May Jagger is fronting the campaign – for DOLLS it’s a FULL-BLOWN reality. DOLLS’ guest spot on COINS’ explosive electro track On Your Lips was an awesome new twist for Rimmel – but made for one HELL of an advert.

And what’s NEXT? Tomorrow (February 14th 2014) the recording artist is launching her brand-spanking new single, Limited Ltd. It’s ‘a catchy synthpop track with bitter bubblegum vocals’ – just in time to celebrate with those who are anti-Valentine’s Day. Alongside this DOLLS’ has created a series of six Valentine’s Day cards from the video’s stills – ‘ranging from sexy, to sulky, to downright psychotic.’”

The Fashion Ache

DOLLS Valentine imagery used for’s Alternative Gift Guide

DOLLS broadcast on Croydon Radio’s new music show Bound In Sound

DOLLS broadcast on’s new music show The First 45

DOLLS featured on EQ Music Blog

“Going AWOL from the culture of fashionably trending chart music fodder, this doll with a mind of her own, now independently in control of her own pop music worth plays in the real time ballpark amongst the gritty layers of synthesized sub-cultural darkness and with a penchant towards the industrial darkwave leanings of genre pioneers Joy Division and Depeche Mode to draw upon.

If I hadn’t had known any better when listening to DOLLS’ newly shared track “Pedestal” I would have moreover been of the assumption that it might have been the work of the Depeche Mode sisterly similar type FEATHERS.

Purring with mystically gothic undertones “Pedestal” meanders it’s darkly lamenting cynically indifferent, obsession centred love song with a sultry and overall androgynously epic tone. Should the vein be cut open on this it would almost certainly bleed out an ethereally blackened vintage mist of Siouxsie seeping from it’s valley of the Soho dolls synth glamorous epicentre.

By trait of indifference in today’s readily turned out glossy pop market we only like it more!”

EQ Music Blog

October 2013

COINS Featuring DOLLS “On Your Lips” used in Rimmel London’s Moisture Wear Lipstick campaign

July 2013

DOLLS Q & A on

“I definitely feel fashion and music are means of expressing myself as an artist, but I wouldn’t say they go hand in hand for everyone. I’ve seen some performers rock up to the stage like they’ve rolled out in something off the Floordrobe, which I don’t get. The whole “it’s not about the image, it’s about the music, man,” vibe is a bit lacking in effort for my tastes. I’d worked in fashion, but I was in the studio whenever possible, so it was really more a case of the opportunity to, go be a pop star. I still consume fashion like it’s my job, anyway. Someone should really start paying me for it.”

DOLLS’ ‘Better Half’ music video reviewed on Surrounded By

“With temperatures set to soar this week, it’s probably unwise to kick off by checking out Dolls searingly hot new vid for ‘Better Half’ from her steamy selection of sensational synthpop sounds to be found on her album ‘Secret Sulk’ (which has been on our playlist for a while now

Naturally the dangerous diva hit’s the mark again, dare we doubt her, with a retro infusion of imagery, a homage harping back to the hey day of of the pop music vid (courtesy of the talented @JDRW5) it’s daringly dreamlike delivery is nothing short of delicious! Viva la Diva!!”

Surrounded By

DOLLS Featured on Healthista

June 2013

DOLLS Q & A on The Fashion Ache

“If you haven’t heard of Nikki Awesome or DOLLS, it’s time to get educated. This is a girl and singer with SERIOUS charisma, who will, musically-wise: KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF (seriously, I can’t stop playing ‘Erase You’ on repeat from her latest album, Secret Sulk).

After grabbing the chance to interview the up-and-coming star, it was with much anticipation that I read through her answers, and BOY did I laugh my pants off – because, if you didn’t know it yet, Nikki Awesome of DOLLS is one hilarious, cool girl. Refreshingly honest, coolly succinct in her answers and all-round awesome, this is a musician who makes for one brilliant interviewee… “

The Fashion Ache

DOLLS Reviewed on Surrounded By

“Secret Sulk is a atmospherically intriguing album from Dolls. Softly voiced and spiced with shimmering synth, Dolls have succeeded in capturing the pioneering electropop sounds of the 80′s, adding sultry, sexy vocals for a unique take, that manages to sound spontaneously fresh and vintage at the same time. Secret Sulk is one of those albums that you can’t turn off. Superior songwriting, sexy synth and velvet vocals”

Surrounded By

May 2013

DOLLS Featured ‘Top 5 Indie Bands in London, UK” Rex Manning Day Music Blog

DOLLS Reviewed on The Sound Of Confusion Blog

“As a whole though, ‘Secret Sulk’ is very consistent; be it the more uptempo tunes like the dark ‘Erase You’ or the pulsing ‘Now Now’ that will keep your energy levels high, or the slower, more mysterious songs such as ‘Pretty (We Don’t Pay You)’ or ‘Chromance’. It’s a good move for DOLLS to have taken control of her music and the album she’s made. Although it’s a common genre, it’s well written and well produced, not to mention having just enough of an experimental bent to hint at different future paths. ‘Secret Sulk’ feels like an album by an artist finding her feet and doing so successfully. It’s also left the door open for her to take a variety of different routes for future releases.”

The Sound Of Confusion

DOLLS Featured on Ravenheart Music Blog

DOLLS Featured on Rude Magazine splash page

DOLLS Q & A on RUDE Magazine

“I’m obsessed with the idea of ‘love song love,’ an intangible concept of a sensual dopamine lullaby – except it doesn’t really fit with my experience. So when I write I find I’m more inclined to spit out bitterness, jealousy, betrayal in the style most singers would deliver a ballad. Tracks like ENEMY LINES and TASTY which musically sound ‘love song-ish’ come out cynical and a bit twisted, whereas PAYMATE (the only actual love song on the album) is sweet and sadistic, to be self-referential. “True love forever” comes out like a typo: ‘you complain about me being a bitch and spending all your money, but we know you secretly love this.” ERASE YOU was written in a post break-up Mommie Dearest moment.”

DOLLS Featured on All Noise.Co.Uk

“DOLLS aka Nikki Awesome namechecks the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode as influences, so as you can imagine she revels in dark, twisted but ultimately beautiful electro-pop – if you have to think in terms of comparisons, then Goldfrapp is probably the closest.”

All Noise

April 2013

DOLLS Featured on Make Way For Bands

DOLLS Featured on Some Of It Was True!

“I really admire Dolls. After releasing two hip-hop/pop hits via Warner as Nikki Awesome & The Royal Society, she decided to move all the way from Toronto to London and go it alone: the eventual, beguiling result is an entirely self-produced, self-envisioned EP, Secret Sulk, of synthy wave-pop – some of it helter-skelter and laserish, other parts (such as Better Half, below) swampy, vampish and dark.

It takes guts to leave the mainstream and try your luck with us fussy, wanky eclectics, and nor does it often end well (uh, really, has anyone, like, seen Jack Penate?). So good on Dolls. And even better on her for doing it so catchily.”

Some Of It Was True!

DOLLS Featured on Some Of It Was True – Radio

DOLLS Featured on Shoreditch Radio

DOLLS Featured on BoxSpeaker Music Blog

“The UK has recently launched its response to Australia’s Kylie Minogue – DOLLS.”


DOLLS Featured on SYFFAL’s Weekly Top 5

“Coins feat. DOLLS – On Your Lips: I hit play on this and all three of my kids started doing the robot, if that’s what the kids are calling having seizures in time to music these days bro. LEVETERACITAM BRO?”

Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen


“The pitch-perfect image airbrushing that has become par for the course is not what I want to buy into or sell anymore. Imperfections have always intrigued me; whether it was hearing a wrong note, a crack in the vocal performance – those kinds of things are so smoothed-out these days that I feel it’s tremendously different to allow fans in on a project’s development, not just delivering a polished focus group-approved sound or image – which means releasing material that hasn’t been over-refined, and which is unconventional in the current system. I’ve chosen to work outside the model of recent tradition, and I will make mistakes, backtrack, change things around, have opinions that will piss people off. It’s more interesting (to me) to throw down total chaos rather than play a formulaic game, shuffling alongside everyone else, everyone crossing their fingers for a major to pick it up. Getting signed doesn’t always benefit an artist, more often than not it just brings in a bunch of watered-down opinions on how you can best sell your music like it’s a breakfast cereal.”

DOLLS Featured on HoxtonAmp

“Dolls, AKA Nikki Awesome, is the more offensive byproduct of a commercial pop career gone AWOL. This is sultry, sulky Disco filth for creatures of the night, and soundtrack to an underground revolution. It’s pouty, sadistic and attitude laden fairytale smut, or as she delicately puts it herself “like Trent Reznor banging Madonna in the David Lynch motel. Disco music for cutters.””

Hoxton Amp

March 2013

DOLLS Reviewed on IndieBands

“On hitting play a rumbling beat thumps its way across the room with reminders of the electro-wave of the early ’80s then comes flooding in to the space – a darker film noir of raw synths layered by a spicy lyric that twists around the flowing sounds like a tree climbing snake twisting its way up the prey, innocuous – yet deadly.

The music sits on a fine balance that DOLLS negotiates well – smartly produced with a clear objective, yet engaging. Ably sloughing away the glossy skin of vapid pop, the audience has something musically to get to grips with. Whilst probably best consumed in a velvet-blue lit club, it plays well as audio to listen to whilst the sun is still shining.”

Indie Bands Blog

DOLLS ‘Ask Me Anything’ featured on StudentNoodles

“‘Pretty’ seems a much more chirpy, fun “you look hot/let’s get wasted” kind of track than it really is; the word “enemy” is repeated in sing-song while the verses describe the glamourousness of that lifestyle not only wearing thin, but also being not all that glamorous. The idea of being deemed “pretty” (which is one of the most boring words ever) only comes in after “we don’t pay you to think,” both of which come after a series of directives and faux compliments. I wouldn’t say I never write a formulaic pop song where the chorus is ‘yeah yeah nah nah nah,’ but I am more prone to writing something viciously cynical; if it’s sugary sweet, there’s a 95% chance I’m being sarcastic.”

February 2013

DOLLS Featured on RUDE Magazine (UK)

DOLLS Featured on StudentNoodles


“Dolls’ debut album Secret Sulk, is an insanely addictive, master-class in making good dream-pop music. Fans of her work even include Salman Rushdie!”

A Cultured Lad


DOLLS Featured on Beyond The Dawn Radio

January 2013

DOLLS Featured on #GlamWIN

“Whether she is a moody teenage recluse making bedroom beats or a society girl lashbatting the garden-party competition into eager submission is yet to be seen, but will be fun to watch. And probably learn.”


DOLLS Featured on Rude Magazine

“Dirty, sexy choons on replay whilst we work…great punishment soundtrack”

RUDE Magazine

May 2012

DOLLS Photos featured on TheWestLondoner

May 2010

DOLLS Featured on (MMVA Red Carpet)

DOLLS Featured on (MMVA Red Carpet)

DOLLS Featured on (MMVA Red Carpet)

DOLLS Featured on MajorMo.Co.Uk (MMVA Red Carpet)

March 2010

DOLLS Live-To-Air Interview

December 2009

DOLLS Live-To-Air Interview MuchMusic (National)

DOLLS Interviewed MuchMusic (National)


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