Under Covers

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 18.20.24

Pay attention to my friends, because they’re delicious. Klaidas Vaitkus (gorgeous man, fashion designer and digital artist who you can follow here) is responsible for this fabulous print – which sidenote, I’m fairly certain is taking its inspiration from the MRI scan I’ll need when it’s discovered that Champagne isn’t a vitamin water, as I’ve long theorised and been testing on humans.

Also, SynthHeads, Synth City (hosted by the inimitable Rob Harvey, who loves me and who I love loving me, and who loves me loving him loving me) hots up the terrestrial and internet radio airwaves çe soir with an all-covers edition you don’t want to miss. It’ll be on at 8 PM GMT on Phoenix FM, or you can catch it with the Tune In app – although it’ll be available on Mixcloud later if you can’t listen live. To celebrate this fabulousness, let’s revisit my I’m bored and it rains so damn much in England cover of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven:

Lastly, stay tuned for the belated ‘Always Waiting’ video from EAT IT UP – why belated? Because I’m in studio every spare minute and put off editing. SORREEEEE.