Prestige Worldwide

Hi babies,

I’ve been so meaning to tell you how in love with you I still am, but being a globetrotting heartbreaker is so full time on top of full time *sighs into champagne*

I’m working on a new album and will have some sneak peeks for you soon – I’ve been sourcing inspiration from all over and working with a secret producer (ooh mysterious) in fabulous-as-ever London. Let’s talk performance (yes, I have been taking a break bc studio, but coming back for you, don’t worry – book a bitch!) – the most delicious one of recent memory being the LDF Winter Warmers with RPDR royalty and devastatingly talented queens from around the UK – some highlights via my Insta:

In between writing and bathing in champagne, I’ve been traveling a lot – for an independent artist not secretly bankrolled by the mafia (sigh….)  Since October, I’ve been in Toronto x 3; Manhattan; Tenerife; Zurich; Haute-Savoie; Bansko; Sofia; and Prague. So much Pumpkin Spiced Wanderlust and hashtag mountain motivation. Other than that I’ve been chained to a microphone and writing nonstop – the things I do for you! 

Also you might notice that I’m straight addicted to Snapchat (officialdolls) and Dubsmash (still) because obviously. Below, a showcase showdown of Dubs, and some impromptu live-show because love you.

Send me loads of love letters (Twitter, Insta, FB, whatever @dollsxx) as they’re the best. AMA, babe! xx N