Reading is Fun(damental); Retail is Just Fun

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I’ve been horrible at typing things (except on Twitter where lately I’m going off) but wanted to let you know a couple bits. This is more a kind of update but feh.

So, I started my Depop shop (under the name Baby Wintour, because obviously) for the last several months, selling vintage and preloved Showgirl Chic as well as luxury and high street items. GO THERE! Anyway, to kick off 2019’s #ReadingChallenge, I’ve added several classic novels that I’ll be sending out FO FREE (buyers just pay postage).

Snatch up classic lit hits like Pride And Pejudice; The Age of Innocence; The French Lieutenant’s Woman; Rebecca; The Forsyte Saga; Scoop; and to prep you for Valentine’s Day (and/or to expect better 😁) Love Letters of Great Men. If you’re based outside the U.K. I am happy to send them to you – but the postage will be more, depending on where you live.

In other news, after a bit of a break, I’m back in the studio and have new music coming to you soon! If you’re looking to support my art (thank you!), you can either choose-your-own-adventure price-wise on Bandcamp, where all my singles and albums are – you can opt to pay $4 or $400, which is SUPER appreciate; or shop with me on Depop, where for wayyyy cheaper you can snatch up Fendi and Miu Miu alongside high street goodies and general bits and pieces. If you can’t support financially, but still want to help out, please do like and share my stuff to your social networks – like my album on Spotify or YouTube vids xx


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