Everyone’s Favourite – Presenting Margaret Research!

Hi Kittens,


Have you dreamed of new DOLLS taste-tests for AGES?

Want to play 1998 music executive and be part of the magic of track selection for albums and EP’s and singles and whatnot? Sidenote: who would’t?! 

Then how magnificent – today is comin’ up YOU, since I have LOADS of new delicious darkness, vicious demands (in the form of bubblegum pop, naturally), and generally your new playtime playlist day or night. Jackpot or WHAT? Over the next few weeks all you’ll have to do is listen to some tracks and give your opinions (this is what’s known in ‘the biz’ as Margaret Research) via the totally excellent and easy-to-use SoundCloud – you will need to do this from a laptop/desktop rather than a tablet/mobile unless you are super, super committed to my claws, in which case you can just email notes. 

How to join this mega-madness of fabulousness? 

OMG – you’re going to be on cloud 90 when you find out that is actually the easiest part (of this whole situation, but possibly your life, in general).  Drop me a message either through my Facebook Page or use this handy contact form to register your interest.

Kisses forever! xx



(ps – the sickeningly gorge photo beneath is by photographer Jamie Nelson)

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