I’m the woooooorst blogger of ever – that’s probably why I stick to writing music, not thrilling blogs. Can you forgive me? OMG you’re so wonderful and fabulous and here’s a gift certificate for Cartier.

SO – working on a bunch of stuff right now; in studio recording on 3 different projects (one’s hiphop, whaaaaaa) and in talks with a 4th (because since I have given up alcohol – temporarily, chill, Winston – I have to supplement it with workahol); cutting a video; raising money for Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon (you can donate to my efforts by ‘buying me a fake drink’ from a UK mobile by texting DOLL86, then the amount to 70070, or if you’re international and want to support you can do it online HERE throughout the month of September); rehearsing; and dealing with a serious Snapchat addiction (officialdolls). Next month I’m performing at the UK’s fabulous Rubber Cult (strict fetish dress code in effect, but you love that, anyway), and in December, I’m performing at West 5’s fabulous #LDF Winter Warmers alongside insane amounts of talent. Hosted by London’s delicious Meth, you’ll face up with Drag decadence in West London – including a whole lot of Rupaul’s Drag Race Royalty – I’m talking RPDR S1 winner BeBe Zahara Benet, the inimitable Raja (winner RPDR S3), and Bob the Drag Queen, as well as the fucking brilliance of legends MILK, Delta Work, Willam, Joslyn FoxLaila McQueen and Naysha Lopez. Can you fucking even? Get tickets like, immediately.

Here’s some shit that I’ve been up to – and I pwomise that I will be back with new deliciousness ASAP, Roger, Houston? Also, if you don’t have EAT IT UP yet, grab that shit on iTunes; Bandcamp or Spotify (you can get it on Google Play; Tidal; Deezer and Amazon music – all those other stores too. I wouldn’t forget you, baby!) Also, fucking follow me on Snapchat for daily doses of dementedness, because LOL. Click this track to hear Always Waiting off DOLLS + Fauxplay’s EAT IT UP, and treat yourself to a lil’ stalking on my ‘Gram. 

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