Joining the IV League

DOLLS Riverbanks Clinic Reviv Megaboost

It’s always exciting to see a behind-the-scenes of the creative process, isn’t it?

Because an independent single release is genuinely a labour of love, one has to ensure one is properly prepared. How to do it, and do it good? I follow in the footsteps of Madonna, Rhianna and Sinitta (who never picks up a call, btw, so you’re better off texting) and step it up with IV therapy from Reviv, lovingly administered by Riverbanks Clinic.

It’s actually #WellnessWednesday RIGHT NOW so trot (pony walk – duh) over for your discount pass to glowing cellular fabulousness and chic bursts of energy with the Megaboost treatment (that’s the one Sinitta and I get). There are others, so talk to the doc (@DrRaviJain) and find out which one’s for you, yeah?

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