SYFFAL encore – Just Stop edition


If you’re not new here, you already know how I’ve have a longstanding love affair with U.S. blog Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen – mostly because they’re hot and I’m superficial – but also because their inimitable reviews are so NSFW fun to read (clue’s in the title, bro) and post only the raddest new indie music without slating tunes they don’t like, because as they put it, “Our approach to music is this: If we like it we ride for it, if we don’t, fuck it we are not going to listen to it another 6 times and then spend an hour or so writing a piece explaining why it sucks. That’s something only a cutter or a sadomasochist would do.” Touché and I salute you. Speaking of salute, here’s their review of DOLLS +Fauxplay’s Just Stop, which is literally riddled with the exact perfect amount of filth you want for your comedown from fashion week afterparties at The Box: 

Joel Frieders | September 15, 2015
I won’t bullshit a motherfucker, I love me some DOLLS.
Every song she sings sounds like something I’d only hear in an underground sex club where everyone’s flogging everyone else and everyone drinks with their pinkies extended while wearing bedazzled blindfolds and NASCAR themed leather chaps. I can almost taste the vibe this woman’s splaying out in front of me and I’m not totally sure she’s fucking with me because she just spelled my name using only individually plucked chest hairs from my own chest bro.
The newest track in the DOLLS sexthology is “JUST STOP”, and if my mastubatory assumptions are correct, she’s a vampire, and she’s tempting me, and she’s not really connecting with me on a loin-level like I’m assuming. 
Let me check with my wife first. If she’s down widdit, I’m down widdit. 

Wait, can she come too?



Seriously recommend bookmarking their site & loving up their Twitter/Facebook, bc you’ll not only get top jams, you’ll get LOLs galore, which makes it infotainment as well as enteractive. Joel also writes a tremendously straight-shooting but so very necessary series for new bands called Love Dad, which aims to help indies get their shit together (seriously though – it’s because they care). 

Speaking of help indies, – OMG there’s a link to Just Stop right exactly here! Whether you’re trying to earn my love or just rebalance your karma after a heavy weekend (I know), you sharing it on your social media or going all out and paying like £1 for 2 tracks is seriously headed in the right direction.


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