For Immediate Release: JUST STOP

DOLLS + Fauxplay debut single JUST STOP Single Artwork*Squeal*

Finally – some new music and the début single from DOLLS + Fauxplay! Check the video below, and please buy/stream/share so we can continue bringing you delicious music instead of me having to marry and go live in Downton Abbey (the only alternative at this point). You can get the track on iTunes, Spotify and basically anything else, but the best way to say ‘I love you’ is through Bandcamp – where all the proceeds come back to the artist – so I tend to favour this link, which’ll let you download the single as well as the electro remix in whatever format you prefer! Swoon. 

MASSIVE ‘thank you’s go out to all of you that continue to love and support DOLLS (+ Fauxplay, obviously). 

Nancy & Richard Baker, Janet Bewell, Darren Bourne, Amy Bourne, Brazil, Richard Britton, Aurore Bruna, Jason Chatzilias, Kate Chaundy, Sandy Chronopolous, Peter Clayton, Tim Curtis, Andy Dawson, Julie De Moura, Dini Dimakos, Joel Dubin, Dutch Guy, Daniel Emery, Karina Evans, Care Failure, Eve St. Jude Fiorillo, Julie Foliott, Joel Frieders, Tez & Ben Frost, Mark Garner, Whoopi Goldberg, Shaun & Carleen Gordon, Rajiv Grover, Goldie Hawn, Craig Hemming, Omar Hoxton, Iain Kernaghan, Bobby Janic, Tanya Janic, Christian Jelic, Karen Jones, Peggy Karfalis & David Lee, Heather Lennox, Peter Lloyd, Margot Malovic, Kyla McFeat, Claire Meadows, Milovanovićs, Kyle Palm, Lee Parsons, Stephanie Prentice, Caitlin & Laura Rapjacz, AJ Reynolds, Pete Richardson, Andrew Robertson, Dani Roger, Jason Ross, Salman Rushdie, Bernie Samson, Melissa Shouldice, Tingy Simoes, Ibs & Sarah Taguri, Nicci Talbot, Nic & Maria Telford, Barbara Walters, John Watson, Crest Whitestrips, Caroline Zimba….xx

Director: Julie De Moura
Makeup: Aurore Bruna

Venue: The Workshop at Roadtrip Bar 

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