Namaste’ing Gold

So, even though I owe you a single and an EP, I’m taking a time-out to sit on the naughty step, conveniently located in a situation worthy of my stomp.

Video shoot set for next month after delayyyyyyyyys (hence my being all Zen and whatever instead of smashing into nothingness), but you can appease the Gods by sharing my existing work with your networks – buy the lot on iTunes (where it’s convenient for your mobile-downloading pleasure; here’s Secret Sulk, Limited Ltd, and Pedestal), or if you really want all of your moneys to go to me direct (sidenote: I love you), you can click away on my Bandcamp and hit up the discography. Essentially, every time you share my music, an angel gets a day pass to ditch the harp fuckery and party like it’s 1999.

There are delicious things to come, so don’t cry, dry ya eye – here comes ya lova with those beautiful thighs! Just  paused for station identification. xx

DOLLS at the Savoy Hotel London

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