Dot Com Millionaire 

Hi Babies,
So, it turns out that the short film I’m in just hit 1 million views on YouTube! Written and directed by digital genius JDRW5, it’s the third instalment in a triptych called Period Drama.

You might remember JDRW5 as the director/genius behind the video for Better Half, the lead single off my album SECRET SULK. He’s très sought after and well-steeped in fabulousity, so find and follow him immediatement! 

Multiple lovegasms go out to my co-star, the fabulously talented Marc Bendavid. You can and should find him acting in illustrious film and television productions, and fall in love with him forever.

Congrats kids; we’re fucking fabulous.

I’ve embedded the (award-winning) triptych below, but just FYI; Period Drama Ep. 2: Emergency Procedures  is my have of the bunch!


Period Drama Ep. 1: Numbers

  • Filmed on-location in Newmarket Ontario’s ‘Bingo World’s’ midnight bingo session
  • During filming, the bingo machines broke down and to soothe the rowdy crowd, a salve of pop and chips were donated gratis by the establishment!
  • The man watching the ‘claw crane’ sequence was not a paid actor. That was entirely ad-libbed!
  • The statue on fire is the Victoire de Samothrace, which stands in the Louvre. It is the actor’s namesake and her mother was terribly upset about its char-marks.

Period Drama Ep. 2: Emergency Procedures

  • Filmed on location off-season in a pioneer village where the temperatures were -17º C
  • As she is being ‘patched up’ by the twin Hitler nurses, the main character protests in French that she ‘only wanted a microwave’
  • Unable to remove the ‘blood and bruises,’ there are fantastic candids taken after the shoot wrapped, and a video, entitled ‘How to Sell your Knickers 101’ – How To Sell Your Knickers
  • After several hours in nothing but a wedding dress Nikki refused to shoot any more sequences, and so has a stunt double for the outro.

Period Drama Ep. 3: Sex & Death

  • There was one solitary watcher who stood callously in-view throughout the shoot. What a jerk!
  • The train sequence was not disclosed to the actors in advance – they were simply told to climb the fence. That fear is real.
  • The village seen exploding in the film is an exact replica of the pioneer village used as location in Episode 2
  • The episode is banned in Saudi Arabia

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