Queen for a Day

This morning (afternoon) I woke up to this magical rainbow unicorny gloriousness:


Now, most biologically female people would be all “Ack OMG” and freak out, but THISBITCH was all like “OMG BEST EVER – must share with everyone, send to parents, restrain self from posting on Tinder as a ‘moment’ because OBVIOUSLY.”

The Queens I know and love (you know who you are, s/o for s/o, hunty) are beyond fucking stunning, have mega talent, give FACE FACE FACE and as SYFFAL’s Joel posted on my FB page, “I was taught, and continue to teach sexy doesn’t have a gender.” Doesn’t that message going out to NextGen make you swoon a bit and want to follow the shit out of him and his dope blog?

The only thing that confused the hell out of me is how you gonna be like “I’m suuuuch a faaaaan, yet I have done completely no research on you,” which made me a bit like “stay in school,” for serious. And this reply was also a bit questionmarky …..like, buh?



I was like, “was I harsh?” (Computer said no.) “Is it mean to repost this?” (Computer said ‘Meh. Do your homework.’) “Was she trying to say ‘oh’?” (Computer bailed; jury is still out.) Anyone who can explain this is encouraged to use the contact form to de-confusify me ASAP.

In the meantime, let’s not get limited by gender/fuckery and instead get BRILLIANTED by this DOLLS & Fauxplay fuckery before I go back to rehearsing. Oh, and FREE DOWNLOAD that shit. Show n’ tells soon…


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