Oh, Canada…

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Commercial "On Your Lips" - DOLLS Music UK - The Bachelor Canada

I understand you’ve been picturing this, On Your Lips!

<div class=’snappytv-embed’ style=’position:relative;padding-top:56.25%;padding-bottom:37px;’>http://www.snappytv.com/snap/rimmel-london-commercial-about-bachelor-canada-season-2-on-bachelor-canada_hs</div>

I had no idea that the land of Maple Syrup was running the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick commercial, but thanks to your tweets and messages I know it’s on during The Bachelor on CityTV — someone feed me insights so I know who I’m voting for, right?

I know it’s all likeI’m fancy and ting because I’m prime timing you, but seriously, it’s SO much delicious if you go and buy my music, because really, there’s a whole lotta ‘starving’ still in this artist and making music as an independent artist pays ever so slightly much more than a volunteer go-go dancer, and only burns a third of the calories. You can stream ‘On Your Lips’ on my Soundcloud, but why not treat yourself and buy it? It’s on iTunes and stuff.

You doing THAT (and sharing it with all your friends by splashing it all over your Facebook and linking back to Facebook.com/DOLLSxx/Twitter.com/DOLLSxx) helps me actually continue to make music, which benefits everyone (you get music, I get to eat and make more music – what could go wrong?!) and is 500x cooler than being all Scrooge McDuck about it, pirating tracks like a douchey emotionally stunted investment banker (who NEEDS that?). Besides, I give you sooooo much free shit anyway! Like for instance, the below sick-hot remix of my track Limited Limited – Swipe Right Remix. Download that summabitch and try not to squeal about how the producer (Fauxplay of London) and I are about to drop a wasps’ nest of earworm all over you (which is a good thing. It’s like when ‘bad’ meant ‘SICKENING’ which meant ‘FANTASTIC’ – you’ll get there in the end).

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