But I’m Your Valentine Every Night…

DOLLS Music Naughty Valentines All Choked Up Pearl Necklace Synthpop

I’M IN TWITTER JAIL, firstly, which sucks, because a) I can have all the fun of entertaining you and then getting followed for it but then it means that the number of people following me means my account is flagged for being disproportionate or something and b) LIKE COME ON, REALLY – there are users who popped up 3 weeks ago with 47 billion followers (#ShOuToUt) but I’m in jail, after inundating you with over 18,000 tweets over the 50 years I’ve been tweeting. What is that, even?! #Fail.

To cheer us all up after such devastating news, I’m reposting the DELICIOUS review from SurroundedBy that corresponded to the naughty Valentine’s Day Cards I put out to coincide with the release of Limited Ltd, which, if you haven’t already seen, is HERE (and your comments would put some colour in that black and white – GO GO GO!)

SurroundedBy is brill for new bands; like a one-stop shop of promo help, gig calendars, opportunities for shows and classifieds that will make your head spin (I guess that’s why it’s SurroundedBy – when you’re on it, you’re IN IT baby), and not only that, they give glorious reviews to bands they like. Since even as a jailbird I still look super innocent (don’t believe? click this for evidence), it’s natural that I have coaxed them with my siren song to leave sexy soundbytes scattered over the bed – what’s this, candles? Is it a special occasion? No, Dollbaby, it’s just TODAY. Follow @SurroundedBy and @TheQuantumPoet on Twitter and read all about it:

Yep it’s Valentines Day, a day that used to be home to the unrequited romantic and the lovelorn fool, it was fairly harmless and you could take it or leave it. Now it’s nothing more than an endless plastic parade of paper hearts amid oceans of outrageously overpriced roses and second rate consumer garbage; nothing says I love you like a two for one three course ready meal. A fact that has not eluded that most perverse princess of pop, Dolls, the sulky, sexy and slightly psychotic, siren songstress (er….did I say ‘slightly’…?) who’s talent for the surreal and off kilter is matched only by her hypnotically enticing, bitter bubblegum vocal interwoven within layers of superbly catchy synthpop and can be heard to devastating effect in her latest offering,“Limited Ltd” – available from today on iTunes.

Dolls has come far from her Canadian days where she cut her teeth, making multiple pop hits for Warner, recently she has been soundtracking Rimmel London and over the past couple of years has racked up a fair few fans and we are certainly happy she has now made London her home and we welcome her with open, self-harm scarred arms.

So embrace cynical realism and make it the soundtrack of this Valentines Day, give your heart to Dolls, or better still let her rip it out of you and tear it up.

Check out Dolls website for news, music and pics at www.dollsxx.com or follow on twitter @dollsxx

DOLLS Synthpop UK, Rimmel Advert "On Your Lips"


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