GodDAMN, San Fran!

BoxSpeaker Music Blog Logo - DOLLS Limited Ltd Premiere

This Valentine’s Day yours truly got some serious love from your new favourite blog: BoxSpeaker based outta SanFrancisco/Los Angeles/somewhere that’s sunny and has palm trees and under 21’s drink out of red plastic cups because Laguna Beach told me.

Not only did BoxSpeaker punch it up wayyyyy first on the Valentine’s Day release, but they TKO’d MY heart when they plastered DOLLS video imagery all over the blog to ‘make your heart beat faster,’ knawmean? And you love this, because it means YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG – this is a “THING.”

Via the blog (and follow that bird on Twitter HERE):

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DOLLS has released her music video for “LTD LTD.”

The video has a minimalist monochromatic color scheme contrasted by the kaleidoscope effect – similar to that of the “Synthetica” music video by Metric but with an eerie feel. At times resembling a Rorschach test, the minimalist style leads viewers and listeners completely to their own interpretations – imagining and building even more to the song itself.

Much like the video, “LTD LTD” begins with a minimalist beat and Nikki Awesome’s Kylie Minogue-style electropop vocals then builds from there to a sultry but playful track.

The video perfectly captures the mystery and suspense of romance – with the dark setting and shadow-like visuals – depicting the confusing but exhilarating emotions of love.

Sidenote: If you’ve got someone who makes your heart beat like “LTD LTD,” send that person one of DOLLS’s Valentine’s Day cards.

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