Once Is Not Enough…


Oh, you pretty things – do you often feel like this site is not updated enough for your liking?

How it pains me to deny you, but on occasion, I must, while I do things like record new material, engage in society (for sport, naturally) or trek through the mundane minutiae that crops up from time to time.

Now, now, chin up! But no stiff upper lips here (I do so love it when you pout), Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s stopped off to give you a reminder that there are literally millions dozens of ways you can notstalk and otherwise engage with yours truly.  So, we’re making a list, checking it twice, and the stats will reveal who’s naughty or nice (nicely naughty is preferable and jumps to the front of the queue).  Don’t kid yourself, we see the stats and know everything. 

So, for those of you keen for more more more (oh BLESS; you remind me of ME), here are some outlets that should keep you occupied for at least the next few hours…


For those of you interested in POSE POSE POSE with a dash of WTF, follow me on Instagram (Instagram.com/dollsxx) and for those of you sans Smartphone (I don’t know how you live, live, LIVE, but whatever, this is me not caring about your material possessions – you’ve got me now) you can catch the same feed (but probably better) on Followgram (Followgram.me/dollsxx).


If it’s political ranting, random essays, musings of a philosophical nature or general “this one time I got drunk and forgot to wear pants”-ness you’re after, your best bet is to hit up nikkiawesome.com, a blog I’ve been writing for over 4 years, and although you may see some crossover content from the last six months or so (Bitch is busydamn!), scroll on down to some older posts to reveal such winners as “Life Rules,” in which I explain how to LIVE LIVE LIVE;  “That Time Salman Rushdie And I Fell In Love;” confessions of an overly cinematic ADHD case in “Ponyboy Awesome,” and lest ye forget, tales of life on the road that one time when I was Canada’s Darling and lead singer of the hit pop group The Royal Society.  There are also a whole lot of helpful hints on how I vanquished my fear of flying and overuse of prescription drugs, and for those of you who have concerns over whether you might be one, how NOT to be a sexist asshole.


If you’re “in this for the music, man,” I fucking SALUTE YOU, thanks, and you can stream me via Soundcloud – (Soundcloud.com/Dollsxx) – following me wins the occasional free download, sneak peek or message of TL4E. If you already like what you hear, pass on the link to my BandCamp store (dollsxx.bandcamp.com), which will charge you a teensy bit of cash for my first album, so that I can continue to make music and talk shit to you while making videos et cetera. It’s very difficult to do that from a cutout cardboard box with a wire hanger subbing in for a TV arial, and moreover, it makes the ghost of Joan Crawford terribly upset.


For everyday deliciousness, and to interact with me (c’mon, let’s do this, Faceless Anonymous) you can follow my every waking moment, random thought and chronic swear-fest on Twitter (twitter.com/dollsxx) or on my Facebook fan page (facebook.com/dollsxx).

Or, if you’re totally desperate, glued to a desktop (ew) and need to get in contact with me NOW NOW, RIGHT NOW, try this on for size:

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ga(‘create’, ‘UA-33000715-2’, ‘auto’);
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


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