AMA Result! Noodles, or Sex Poodles?


SO much excitement but you’d never know it because of my constant bitchface!! 😀 posted the results of the AMA that revealed more than I anticipated it would.. we’re talking exclusives here, baby.

I’ve never spoken about my Flo Rida feelings before (newsflash, the music industry is quite keen on not saying ‘I fucking hate that ‘insert anyone’s name here’ – especially not in Canadian music, where even the people who screw you over do so while wearing smiles and PLAID to make you think they’re Friendly FUBARs – and I know at least 5 artists YOU’D know too that think each other are total pricks but will kiss each other’s asses in public) so that’s new.  I’ve also never been asked about my commitment to creatively climaxing.  All sorts of new and wonderful questions, and to cap it off, they asked me to do a performance for them via video, and I came up with yelling obscenities from the DOLLS factory outlet in Chelsea, AKA Mansionham Palace Estate.

Enjoy, DOLLS fiends, keep on £OVING me hard, and tell your friends. xx



Nikki Awesome and ourseslves have both been crazy busy but finally here are her answers to your questions AS WELL as an exclusive performance from DOLLS HQ.


Tanya- Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m super inspired by the imagery and fashion of 30′s and 40′s mixed with the concept of post-postfuturism. (There’s your up-yourself-QOTD, everybody!) David Lynch, the Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, holograms, the military, blood, fur, feathers, heels. The usual.

As a writer, I love wordplay and mixed messages, and I’m prone to using ridiculously out-there metaphors, so if one springs to mind re: a particular situation I’ll probably elaborate on that theme. SECRET SULK had a lot of double entendres and sarcasm and some straight-up bitchslaps to a few deserving individuals – if you listen closely, you’ll catch some of the subtle and not-so-subtle ones. I love the juxtaposition of themes that seem disjointed or erratic initially, but make sense in the context of of a bigger picture, for example Enemy Lines is a soft little love song, but was written using the image of a soldier crawling through no-man’s land without fear and in fact, quite keen to be shot at, whereas Pretty seems a much more chirpy, fun “you look hot/let’s get wasted” kind of track than it really is; the word “enemy” is repeated in sing-song while the verses describe the glamourousness of that lifestyle not only wearing thin, but also being not all that glamorous. The idea of being deemed “pretty” (which is one of the

most boring words ever) only comes in after “we don’t pay you to think,” both of which come after a series of directives and faux compliments. I wouldn’t say I never write a formulaic pop song where the chorus is ‘yeah yeah nah nah nah,’ but I am more prone to writing something viciously cynical; if it’s sugary sweet, there’s a 95% chance I’m being sarcastic.

As a performer, I am really into a multi-level performance; one that can be stripped down or amped up to create something totally different, and I’m super addicted to changing things, whether it’s costume or the way things sound. I was a Fame-School dropout, so everything I do is obviously gonna be pretty dramatic.

M- So what REALLY happened on tour with Flo Rida?

It’s so insane to me that people a) think artists actually have these wild rides of hangoutsville on tour with other artists – it’s pretty rare that anyone has loads of spare time – and b) that anyone thinks I would let Flo Rida anywhere near my lady bits.  If you’re looking for me to say I shagged him, I’m going to just politely puke in my mouth forever.  I will give you one little bit of goss though: he tried to pick up my merch girl by asking “Do you like money?” while in an elevator with 5 other dudes.  PURE CLASS.


SO MUCH QUESTION! 1. Soon. 2. Yes! 3. Could be you – Book me! for bookings.

And yes, I’m single.. Is there something you wanted to ask me? Oh look who’s all shy, now. Of course I’ll go to the prom with you, Jedward.

Donald Stott– Nikki, have you ever inadvertently had an orgasm during an onstage performance?

If I did, then it wasn’t terribly memorable. However, my life is so fucking full of inadvertent orgasms it’s hard to distinguish non-orgasmic moments from orgasm moments. I’ve been meaning to get that dealt with, but then I thought.. fuck it, you know?

Sorry, that pause was an inadvertent orgasm. It happens.

tm– will you tour soon and come take me away xxx @tom*45

Yes, yes I will. But you’ll have to compete for the role of being taken away. Do you have any special skills? ;)

Christian- Why u not on iTunes?? and i love ur blog and videos!!!

I’m not on iTunes because being on iTunes costs stupid money, and I don’t feel iTunes particularly gives a massive advantage except for iPhone/iPad users can find it more quickly. Most people who are into indie know where to go to find it and like to tell their friends, so until someone wants to pay for me to be on iTunes I’ll probably be hanging out in the “I’d prefer to spend my money on handbags” section of life.

I’m on Bandcamp, which lets you download tracks/albums in whatever format you want, and on Soundcloud, which lets you do the same, only FREE, so you have a choice, potential consumer! Plus it’s one of those things where I feel like it’s a bit bullshit for me as an artist coming out with a very different sound to the mainstream to be demanding money for something the audience hasn’t had the chance to find out if they like or not.. So the whole point for me right now is just getting people to listen to it and download it for free if they want to, and if they are superhot wicked fucking awesome rad and like what I’m doing, they can pay whatever they want to help me make more music. The recession is so shit we’ll probably all start linking our iTunes to our magic beans account anyway.

And THANK U!!!!!!! xx

Andi James Chamberlain- I understand you recently were visiting Stratford upon Avon… What do you think of the guys there? Any cute blondes? And did you get up to anything fun? It’s a great town… I hear the ghost tours are amazing…

The guys in Stratford upon Avon are fucking BABES.  I can see why Shakespeare had dudes play all the women’s bits. And if you are referring to the incident where I was paraded through an Elizabethan graveyard while crows cawed on a moonless night, and was threatened with being pushed into an open grave… Yes. It was amazing.  I should be back up there soon, headlining a doom band or something while performing in the role of Dame Judi Dench.

@DavidMullenger– What do you like to do in the bedroom?

Well it used to be you, baby.  But now it’s the HQ for pouting poses with poison pens and recording sexy songs, solo-styles. xx

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