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This weekend has been a chaotic blitz of OMG, basically, and I haven’t even been to any Oscars-themed ridiculousness.  No, my madness began with a tea party and far too many bottles of Champagne, and ended with shrieks of “what the faaaaaahhhhhhkkkkkk” – but I’m still in a floor-length gown, so let’s do this.  Don’t forget DOLLS adds to IndieUnderground on HKGFM tomorrow so love it up, and BeyondTheDawn features me tomorrow 4PM PST/7 PM EST/MIDNIGHT GMT.

Oh ANNNNND don’t forget to head over to Student Noodles to ask me everything you’ve been avoiding asking in person (or on the phone, while you’re busy heavy-breathing and not saying anything.

A CULTURED LAD had brilliant things to say about SECRET SULK, check him out and comment the shit out of his interview, which I have arduously transcribed below, word for word.  A DOLLS’ work is never done; which reminds me, we should really up the mg’s on my Clonazepam repeat.


Interview with DOLLS

February 24, 2013   InterviewsMusic

Dolls’ debut album Secret Sulk, is an insanely addictive, master-class in making good dream-pop music. Fans of her work even include Salman Rushdie! You can stream the whole album via Soundcloud, which is linked below. Thanks to Nikki for taking the time to answer these questions!


Q: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to speak to A Cultured Lad! So let’s cut to the chase – your new album Secret Sulk is out now! What are the three songs everyone should have on their iPod?

A: You realise that because I wrote all of them it’s like asking “which is the child you think will become a millionaire and marry a supermodel, leaving the rest to compete for work as floor-cleaners in a slaughterhouse,” right? WHILE all the children are watching you.

But if I had to pick, I’d definitely say BETTER HALF marries dirty synth break-up bitterness with happy poppy “oh, it’s so sweet that you want to be mentioned on the album.” NOW NOW is a fantastic driving track and also manages to get a few stings in at whoever’s opinion never mattered in the first place, while the audience is looking way too hot to care anymore, anyway. PRETTY is a darker pop song about free drinks and fake breasts, so it’s automatically made the cut. Those three give listeners pretty wide parameters on expectations. The artists I admire (David Bowie, Prince, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, New Order, Depeche Mode) are consistent in their sound, but track to track can go from “club hit” to “moody-introspective-play-it-on-repeat-in-your-dark-bedroom,” which is how you can view DOLLS; some tracks are all-pop while others have pop sensibilities layered over unexpected beats and instruments. Basically just buy the whole album. It’s like £5. Fucking treat yourself.

Q: Fave lyric on the album

A: “So used to confusing the two, I can understand why it’s confusing to you. Not love but it’s kind of amusing; I’m timing the takeover – makeover muse”
(from TASTY)

Q: Celebrity crush?

A: SO many celebrity crushes. Ryan Gosling (in DRIVE, not The Notebook) is probably in the top spot right now, but I have talent-crushes all the time, Cage, Alex Empire, PEACHES, Trent Reznor. Throw in David Walliams in Little Britain where he fancies the granny and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Like whatever.

Q: You’ve definitely received praise! People like Carole Pope and Salman Rushdie have expressed admire for your work! What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you in regards to your music?

A: Is it totally a dickhead answer to say “it hasn’t happened yet?” Obviously getting praise from artists I admire has been fucking brilliant – I’d be lying if I said I was totally “whatevs” when someone incredible like Carole Pope throws DOLLS some love – but the most exciting part as an artist has been developing the whole project on my own. Coming from a Warner Brothers deal on my last project and working with a lot of industry pros to deliver a poppy consumer-”friendly” package was a totally different game to the pared-down bedroom beats and grittier lyrics on SECRET SULK, and it’s still evolving, which I love.

With DOLLS I had to learn to do everything myself so for the first time I’m controlling everything – sounds, themes, art direction, delivery – which is a fucking DREAM for any artist. The process is like being in a relationship with a really demanding bitch you spend your paycheque buying Louis Vuitton handbags for and she’s like, “Oh, did they not have the BIG one in stock?” (FYI that’s usually “the one on the left” in DOLLS album art.) So, yeah, the whole thing has been a buzz for me, but getting feedback from fans, new exposure and getting to make (or destroy) the art I want is my favourite bit so far.

Q: What can fans expect from your live show?

A: Because I want to integrate so many different elements into performance you can safely say to expect anything. Sometimes I’ll be performing with backup performers and sometimes it will be just me and my multiple personalities. Really depends on the gig/venue. I can however pretty much guarantee more “costumes” than “clothing” though.

Q: Seen any good films lately?

A: I’ve been watching a lot of David Lynch’s work at the moment to prevent getting maxed out on staring at Logic forever, although it is causing my subconscious to max out on being filled with crazy backwards talking and reverse time-lapse. I just saw Hitchcock which was quite good.

Q: What’s your biggest fear?

Finding the man of my dreams and falling madly in love. What the hell will I write about then?!

Q: Sweet or savoury?

A: Depends which one of us you ask…

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